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Artist’s Statement January 19, 2009

Artist’s Statement

As a junior interior design student, I have had an influential amount of time to reflect upon my future and what aspirations I desire to pursue in the future. I have chosen the path of interior design because it has been and continues to be an unceasing passion of mine. When I reflect, there has not been a time when I have questioned this choice, and I cannot question my decision when I wake up every morning ready and excited to learn and appreciate a new aspect of design. 

Design is inspiration, imagination, and intuition. With this approach, I hope to live a meaningful life as an interior designer. Every day I strive to discover stimulation in simplistic and everyday experiences, explore and research innovative ideas, and record each idea and instinct that I generate. With this, I can proceed to design an environment that is appealing to the emotions, appropriate for the client, and most importantly, functional and safe for all users.

Versatility and sustainability are my passions within interior design and my genuine, ethical, and professional personality relates to these passions. With a goal of striving to act in a way that will result in the happiness of someone else, designing spaces for the elderly and disabled is a gratifying ambition of mine. In addition, I feel impelled to pursue sustainable design, because the choices I make in my future projects will directly affect my clients and the environment around them. Green design has already become such a significant element in many of my projects, and I am energetic for the opportunity to continue this practice and see how it progresses in the years to come. A final aspiration of mine is to be able to teach and inspire others. I am determined to share the technical sides of interior design with as many people as I can, because I believe it is important for the world to know that interior design is a skill and not a hobby.

Currently, I am designing a child development center that is located at a US Military Base in Germany. We are required to design this building from the ground up using recycled shipping containers, working with the metric system, as well as following all of the government codes and regulations for child care centers and military bases. We are exploring commercial design to a new level, and being challenged with methodological design processes.  I know that each challenge I face will continue to enable me to become a better designer, and as I continue my education and explore the world of interior design, I hope that the challenges that I face will push me to new heights not only academically but personally.



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